Hiveon Energy
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Revolutionize the integration of renewable sources into the energy grid, establishing sustainable and stable energy solutions

We offer cutting-edge energy management tools that adapt to fluctuating energy sources, ensuring maximum efficiency. Our focus lies in providing the data center industry and large consumers of electricity with sustainable energy strategies, backed by Hiveon Holding’s proven track record in data center software solutions.


Our team has vast combined experience in developing utility-scale renewable energy projects in Europe as well as first-hand expertise in managing large-scale renewable plants with over 1 GW installed capacity

We bring our expertise to offer clients optimized energy costs by generating revenue from ancillary energy markets as frequency and demand response, trading techniques, and load shifting in regulated energy markets.

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Andrii Garanin

CEO of Hiveon Energy


Andrii has over 20 years of experience, focusing on energy, sustainable development, ESG best practices, and circular economy.

He has decades of combined experience building new and managing existing power generation assets with a total of over 1 GW of installed capacity. Andrii in recent years has taken executive positions in large private and public enterprises operating in the energy industry.

Andrii leads the development of solutions for demand-side response and the grid integration of industrial-scale consumers. He spearheads initiatives to optimize costs, enhance efficiency, and deliver services encompassing energy grid balancing, smart grid solutions, grid stability, and seamless grid integration.

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Maksym Bovsunovskyi

Head of Business Development,
Project Lead

Maksym is a visionary leader in renewable energy, driving over 350MW of solar projects to success

With 15+ years of diverse experience, his expertise in financial analysis, business development, and production management uniquely informs his approach. Committed to sustainability, Maksym is an invaluable asset, aligning seamlessly with our mission for a greener future.

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Vadym Temnikov

Investment analyst

With over a decade of extensive expertise spanning alternative and traditional energy, agriculture, IT, crypto, real estate, and mining, Vadym brings a wealth of diverse knowledge to the team. Having accumulated over five years of hands-on experience in Ukraine`s largest energy holding, Vadym is currently dedicated to exploring diverse opportunities in energy management for our clients. His conviction lies in the belief that the energy market holds immense potential for development, transformation, and, most importantly, opportunities.

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Anatoli Smirnov-Launai

Methane and energy expert

Anatoli promotes the proper measurement and estimation of Coal Mine Methane emissions, as well as measures to capture, utilize, or destroy it.

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