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The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts that by 2026, the global electricity demand to power the IT industry will reach 800 terawatt-hours (TWh)—nearly matching Japan`s entire power consumption and doubling from current levels.

To align with global Net Zero ambitions, it`s imperative that the IT sector sources this substantial energy requirement from clean energy sources whilst contributing to grid services that support the growing supply of intermittent renewables.

This dual approach will not only help mitigate the environmental impact of rising energy consumption but also ensure stability and sustainability of the global energy sector.

Energy management

Our team comprises energy industry professionals with experience in implementing and managing assets in the energy industry. Being part of Hiveon Holding our company utilizes a wealth of knowledge and expertise in data center management software and years of successful implementation.

Trading/price response

With the increasing share of renewable energy sources in the energy balance, price instability is growing. More and more often, consumers face prices during certain hours exceeding $100, $200, or even higher per megawatt-hour—well above the breakeven point.

Our team has developed several programs in partnership with traders and aggregators in the most developed energy markets in Europe and the USA. Depending on the asset location, we can offer several products to optimize energy costs.

Price response is our product that enables optimized operation of the data center by automating the load on the asset based on price changes on the market.

Power system stability maintenance services

Power market ancillary services refer to a series of services needed for maintaining the secure and stable operation of the power system or recovering system security, ensuring power supply, and meeting voltage, frequency quality, and other requirements.

Participation in these programs allows to compensate up to 50% of energy costs

Save on energy costs with Demand Response programs

Clear participation

Control and adjust your level of participation in the program

Seamless communication

Effortlessly managing communication during grid stress, we facilitate reducing energy usage

Short duration

Due to brief adjustments, it`s minimizing any disruption to operations

Smart adjustments

Energy reduction via temporarily dialing back non-critical computing processes or using backup energy sources

Enhance your data center`s energy efficiency

We provide modern data center solutions to help your organization reliably meet today`s demands

Reduced energy rate

Participating parties receive compensation or reduced energy rates

Operational efficiency

Optimizing energy use and operational efficiency

Integration of data center into the Demand Response program

Coordination with grid operators, providing real-time data and guidance


Methane, a short-lived greenhouse gas, is responsible for half of the one-degree increase in global warming observed so far. The International Energy Agency asserts that achieving a clean energy transition requires the global energy sector to reduce methane emissions by 75%, alongside cuts in other sectors such as waste and agriculture.

Hiveon Energy specializes in capturing and utilizing methane to generate low-cost, net-negative carbon electricity for computing tasks in data centers, AI, and crypto-mining.

We also need to mention LOFOS system:Load Following Solution - the software developed to monitor the load of the data center and the output of the generator. In case we detect a deviation of the generator set due to weather, fuel or any other factor - our system automatically reduces the load of the consumer to match the generator output.


Waste heat recovery

Reduce heat cost by up to 50%

the heat demand can be covered by waste heat on mutually beneficial terms

Hiveon Energy is leading a green revolution by transforming waste heat from data centers into a valuable resource. Our unique service connects data centers, with their excess heat, to places that need it most. It`s a sustainable, eco-friendly solution that maximizes energy efficiency and reduces environmental impact.


Stranded power

Stranded power refers to energy that is generated but not used, often due to limitations in grid capacity or location constraints

Turning wasted energy into profit
For energy producers: if you`re a renewable energy producer facing stranded power, we see a valuable opportunity.
Our solution: Hiveon Energy specializes in acquiring or contracting this surplus energy.
Partnering for efficient use
Direct utilization: this approach ensures the previously unused 30MW is effectively utilized, avoiding wastage.
B2B Data centers: we propose setting up B2B data centers adjacent to your power production site.
The Hiveon difference
Enhanced profitability

Unlock the full potential of your energy production and turn what was once wasted into a steady revenue stream.

Sustainable collaboration

By partnering with us, you contribute to a more efficient and sustainable energy landscape.

Long-term contracts

We offer the stability of long-term agreements, ensuring a consistent and profitable outlet for your excess energy.

Already working in
Sweden 🇸🇪

Launched in October 2022, our client’s site in Sweden follows the FCR-D UP program

  • 10 MW under management
  • < 5s response time
  • 100% renewable energy

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